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Washington-St. Tammany Electric's annual mini-grant winners will be honored at a reception held in Franklinton. Each of the winners will receive $500.00 for classroom projects.

Manager of Marketing and Economic Development, Coylean Schloegel, stated "WST Electric is committed to improving our community through educational opportunities for our children and these mini-grants are just one of the many programs sponsored by the Cooperative. We are proud of all of our teachers and believe that these mini-grants will help our teachers and their respective schools enhance the educational opportunities for our children."

Guidelines for Washington-St.Tammany Electric Mini-Grants

WHO QUALIFIES FOR THESE GRANTS? Any La 4-12 classroom teacher whose school is within a community served by Washington-St.Tammany Electric Cooperative or whose students' homes are served by WST Electric. Ask your school administrator who provides electricity to your school or in your area.

HOW MUCH ARE THE GRANTS, AND WHAT IS THEIR PURPOSE? There will be a maximum of nine (9) mini-grants of $500 each. These grants are to be used for classroom based projects.

WHAT IS THE FOCUS OF THE PROJECTS? Projects are to feature student investigation and should meet the needs and curiosity of your students. The project should be limited only by the imagination of your students and the resources you have available.

HOW WILL THE APPLICATIONS BE JUDGED? Judging will be conducted by the staff of the Association of Louisiana Electric Cooperatives located in Baton Rouge, LA. The judges' decision will be final. Mini-grant judging will be based on:

1. Feasibility of the project
2. Plan outline
3. Budget
4. Financial need
5. Need of the students
6. Appropriateness for age and grade level

HOW DO I APPLY? After finding out if you qualify, submit a 1-2 page proposal by January 12, 2018 describing what you and your students will investigate. Below are the two ways to submit your proposal.

WST Mini-Grants P. O. Box 697 Franklinton, La 70438 ATTN: Coylean Schloegel Along with your proposal, be sure to include your home address as well as the school address, so that you may be notified if your project is selected.

You can also email your project to cschloegel@wste.coop with "mini grant" in the subject line. Along with your proposal, be sure to include your home address as well as the school address, so that you may be notified if your project is selected.

WHAT CAN I USE THE MONEY FOR? Anything that will enable you and your students to complete the project. Because the amount of the money is small, you may choose to buy some books, software, a piece of equipment or supplies for your project.. You and your students know best what you need. A brief estimate of expenditures totaling $500 should be included with the proposal.


WHAT KIND OF DOCUMENTATION OR "FINAL REPORT" IS REQUIRED? Mini-grant winners must submit a written narrative account of their projects (including excerpts from student writing, if possible) for possible publication in a future issue of Louisiana Country. These articles should be mailed to WST as soon as possible after completion of the project. Remember: The purpose of the mini-grants is to allow you and your students to try an interesting project and share that experience with others.



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