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IDA Power Restoration Effort

IDA Power Restoration Effort

Washington-St. Tammany Electric Cooperative Launches Massive Power Restoration Effort in the Wake of Hurricane Ida

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Washington-St. Tammany Electric Cooperative (WSTE) has launched a major power restoration effort to begin rebuilding its system, which sustained heavy damage from Hurricane Ida.

As of noon today, 43,191 consumer-members are without power. WSTE will work as quickly and safely as possible to bring members back online. Full power restoration is expected to take weeks to complete.

“We have assembled a force of 340 line workers and contractors from across the nation to support what will be the second largest power restoration efforts in our history,” said Charles Hill, CEO. “As we begin this historic rebuilding process, a systematic approach designed to get the most assets and members back up in the least amount of time is used. We thank our members for their continued patience.”

Although a full damage assessment is still underway, WSTE estimates that Hurricane Ida snapped 350 poles and damaged or brought down more than 5,100 miles of line. Crews are having to cut their way through fallen trees and remove other debris to reach their substations and infrastructure. Some of the most severely affected communities include Savanah Branch, Goodbee, Barkers Corner and Husser. Restoration times could be particularly prolonged in these areas.

Contractors and crews began arriving yesterday to support WSTE from New York, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Missouri, Texas and Mississippi. Co-op mutual aid crews have been secured from electric cooperatives from Texas, including CoServ, … Read the rest

2021 Hurricane Season

2021 Hurricane Season 2021 Hurricane Season predictions

Researchers at Colorado State University have been publishing season forecasts since the 1990′s. It’s a process that has been refined over decades. The team accurately predicted the nightmarish 2020 season, which delivered 31 tropical depressions, tying the record with 1995, as well as a record-breaking 30 tropical storms, 13 hurricanes, and 6 major hurricanes.

While the team from Colorado State hasn’t yet put exact numbers to their forecast, an early forecast released in January gives us some ideas. Analyzing the state of global weather patterns and circulations like El Niño and the Atlantic Mult-Decadal Oscillation, among others, forecasts are not encouraging for a significant break.

They give a 25% probability of a well-above-normal season that could net as many as 14-17 tropical storms, 9-11 hurricanes, and 4-5 major hurricanes.

They give a larger probability, 35%, of a season slightly less busy but still above normal: 12-15 tropical storms, 6-8 hurricanes, and 2-3 major hurricanes.

If an El Niño develops, that could lead to a near-average or even a below-average season. The team doesn’t rule it out, but they only give it 10-20% odds.

The 30-year average is used to define “normal.” Normal is 12 tropical storms, 6 hurricanes, and 2-3 major hurricanes.

The Atlantic Hurricane Season begins June 1 every year and lasts through November 30. Storms are possible but infrequent at other times of the year.