Here you can find out all about us, our services, our customers and the latest power news, issues and events around the region. W.S.T.E. is a member-owned, non-profit organization that is dedicated to provide its members with the best service at the lowest available cost. We serve the areas of Washington, St. Tammany and Tangipahoa Parishes and the southern part of Marion County in Mississippi. The Cooperative has grown from an organization of 2 employees, no members and no electric lines to the present organization of 128 employees serving over 50,000 accounts, with 183 miles of transmission lines, over 4,905 miles of distribution lines, 7 transmission substations, 2 transmission switching stations and 30 distribution substations.

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WSTE is a vibrant, home grown, Member (user) owned, part of the tri-parish area. WSTE has an annual payroll of $7.5 million. WSTE provides consistently lower rates to its members and has for the past ten (10) years. Our statistics show that the average residential member uses approximately 1500 kilowatt-hours of electricity each month. At the Co-op's average rate, this means each of the 50,000 households, WSTE's members, retain over $708 annually over those households served by the investor owned utilities, our competitors!

Electric cooperatives were established to provide electricity to rural America, and now make up the largest electric utility network in the nation. As a Cooperative, WSTE is a part of this electric utility network. WSTE is one of more than 930 local systems in 47 states and has access to assistance from that network when events such as Katrina arise.

Co-ops are owned by the members they serve and are committed to providing reliable electricity at the lowest price possible. In short, co-ops “look out” for the members they serve.

I hope it sheds some light on Washington-St.Tammany Electric Cooperative and its endeavors as a "homegrown", locally owned, locally operated business working to make life better for its members in Washington, Tangipahoa and St.Tammany Parishes.

We hope this site provides you with the information you need. If you could not find some information or have specific questions about W.S.T.E., please CONTACT US. We will be more than happy to answer your questions. You may also call us at 985-839-3562 or write to P.O. Box 697, Franklinton, LA 70438.