The person to be responsible for the bill must fill out an application and sign a contract. This can be done in person or over the phone with a credit card. You can also print the application and have it ready to be processed to save time.

Washington St. Tammany Electric Service Application:

Commercial Application      Residential Application

  • A valid driver's license and social security card must be presented. This information is needed for both husband and wife.
  • Employment information on both husband and wife, including phone numbers.
  • Mailing address for billing. Phone number. Directions to property for service. Neighbor's name if possible.
  • Security lights - if there is a pole that the Co-op has set the customer can have a security light at no extra charge if it is requested at the time of the connect. If the customer wants more than one security light and if we have existing poles that they can be put on, we will put up as many as they want for no extra charge. If no pole is there we will set one up for a $100.00 construction fee. If a customer already has an account there will be a $35.00 connection fee. If they need a pole set, the $100.00 construction fee will be added to the $35.00 connection fee.
  • Deposits - All of Washington St. Tammany Electric deposits will be determined by a credit check.
  • Fees - There will be a $10.00 Membership fee and $25.00 Connection fee due at time of connection.
  • Permits are required in certain cases. (See below)