Residential Application for Membership and Electric Service

The applicant (herein called the “Applicant”), hereby applies for membership in and agrees to purchase electric energy from WASHINGTON-ST. TAMMANY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. (Herein called the “Cooperative”), upon the following terms and conditions:

1. The Applicant will pay the Cooperative the sum of $10 which will constitute the Applicant’s membership fee.

2.The Applicant will when electric energy becomes available, purchase all electric energy used on the premises described below and will pay therefore monthly rates to be determined from time to time in accordance with the by laws of the Cooperative.

3. The Applicant will comply with and be bound by the provisions of Articles of Conversion and by-laws of the Cooperative, and all Amendments and additions thereto and such rules and regulations as may from time to time be adopted by the Cooperative.

4. The Applicant by signing this agreement grants necessary right-of-way for the erection of said electric lines. This agreement grants the Cooperative access to maintain right-of-way and electric lines and equipment. This agreement is binding upon Applicant’s heirs or assigns.

5. The Applicant, by signing this agreement, agrees to permit the authorized agents of the Cooperative free access to premises for the purposes of connecting, disconnecting, inspecting, testing, reading meters, repairing or removing any property of the Cooperative, and agrees not to permit anyone, other than authorized agents of the Cooperative to molest or otherwise tamper with the property of the Cooperative.

6. The Cooperative makes reasonable provisions to insure satisfactory and continuous service, but it does not guarantee continuous service, and will not be liable for loss or damage caused buy accidents or conditions which it could not have foreseen or over which it has no control.

7. In the event the Applicant changes address from that stated on this application, the Applicant is required to give notice to the Cooperative of new address within ten days of moving from the present address. Failure to comply with the above requirement does not relieve the Applicant of default or service charges or all amount owed